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Marine Propulsion Technologies latest project and IP is for sale

MPT is a research and development company based in Auckland, New Zealand, that specialises in marine products. The MPT 6600 is a marine diesel engine that is the result of the successful marine conversion of the GM Duramax diesel engine. MPT in partnership with Powertrain Controls Limited (PCL) has developed a state-of-the-art solid-state relay Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that can be applied to most modern marine diesel engine.
MPT has a full suite of mass production utilities including casting tools, machining gigs and CAD files, this enables vertical integration of the production process.
Our innovative design has achieved full engine patents within USA, Canada, New Zealand, and 10 European Countries.
You can invest in this project, continue reading for more details.

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Investment Opportunities

There is insufficient manufacturing capacity in New Zealand for mass production of the Duramax Marine Engine, due to this reason, MPT is seeking strategic manufacturing partners, investors or purchasers of the Intellectual Property (IP).

Based on current costings and market value of new marine diesels in the US market, MPT’s research team have identified that there are sizable profits for the investor as the marine industry provides outstanding investor returns. Contact us directly if you would like disclosures of profit estimations on your investment.

Options for Investment

  • Strategic Partner

A company that is capable of either assembling, manufacturing or distributing engines.

  • Share Investment

An individual, group or company that would like to own part of the share portfolio of MPT.

  • Purchase of IP

Total purchase of company with technology transfer and engineering support, this includes MPTs intellectual properties, machining jigs, casting tool patterns and CAD files.

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