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Our flagship marine diesel engine

MPT 6600

The MPT 6600 includes 51 custom parts for management of the cooling and lubricating elements of the standard 6.6ltr V8 Duramax® engine. MPT’s design is new and novel to the marine industry as it provides full internal fluid management with no hoses.
Hoses are a common weak point of a marine engine if undermaintained, if they are not serviced and checked properly they can cause catastrophic failure. Therefore, MPT eliminated the use of hoses to minimise these issues.
MPT uses quality O-rings which are much more cost effective and have a longer lifespan than expensive specialised hoses and the labour to refit and service them.
Without hoses, the engine has reduced plumbing resulting in a more compact and minimal maintenance unit. The MPT 6600 also weighs approximately 150 kg less than competing engines, this makes it more fuel efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly. The MPT research team believes that the MPT 6600 has the best power to weight ratio of its class.
Its physical dimensions are smaller than other inline 6-cylinder marine engines in its class, because of this, the MPT 6600 can be installed into smaller boats than others in its class.
The design includes its own custom water-cooled turbocharger, gear driven raw water pump, exhaust manifold and mixing elbow, and many more parts all optimized to fit on the standard Duramax® block. The design includes an electronic control unit (ECU) for the engine made by our partnering company Powertrain Controls Ltd (PCL).
The unique ECU design includes many innovative design features, such as Throttle Synchronization Control (TSC) for multiple engine use, satellite up-link to enable a mobile phone app capable of retrieving engine statistics and maintenance logs. The ECU can record an entire engine life time of data logging for maintenance records.
MPT has also developed full casting moulds, tooling and machining jigs for the 51 custom parts, as well as a full set of electronic design files. The initial design has been validated through a prototype testing program using a dynamometer for load testing, as well as a 42ft planing test vessel.

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Innovative Engineering

Engine: Products

Exhaust Gaskets and Cooling System O-Ring Design

MPT has created an engine without hoses on the cooling system.
The use of reliable O-rings in the MPT 6600 creates a dependable solution for the  customer. This is because it requires much less maintenance than other engines in it’s class.
MPT uses custom designed Exhaust Gaskets comprised of graphite and an inner layer of perforated stainless steel. This delivers good compression and excellent sealing qualities.
This design provides a reliable solution for the customer with less hassle especially compared to engines with multiple hoses and hose clips.


Exhaust Manifolds System

MPT’s Patented Exhaust design utilises a closed loop cooling system, by using the engine’s coolant to regulate the temperature of the exhaust manifolds and turbocharger.

This patented design requires no inlet pipes to supply the coolant to the manifolds.


Gear Driven Sea Pump

The engine coolant and raw water pump consists of a reduction gearbox driven directly from the engine’s camshaft. This reduction ratio gives the rubber impeller a longer lifespan while delivering 280ltr per min.
This high flow rate of raw water allows the system to be Parallel cooled rather than series cooled.
The stainless steel coolant impeller design has veins with a greater surface area, providing a high coolant flow rate throughout the engine.

Sea Pump.jpg

Oil Cooler

MPT has designed and developed an integrated oil cooler that bolts directly into the side of the engine. This unit is designed with a triple redundancy bypass system.
This design allows the oil system to cope with various problems such as oil filter failure.
The core pack consists of 61 cupronickel cooling tubes with copper baffles, this configuration provides excellent oil cooling for the MPT 6600.

Oil Cooler.jpg

Cast Aluminium Sump

Large volume light weight sump which is baffled throughout for the use in RIB, Coastguard, Military, and Jet Boat industry.

The sump is fitted with a low oil sensor, and a 12 Volt electric pump out system for ease of maintenance when servicing.

The sump design includes a cast coolant gallery through the front to reduce  plumbing requirements.  This gives the added benefit of more even temperature distribution.


Turbocharger (VGT)

MPT has designed and developed their own water cooled turbine housing consisting of nine variable veined blades, which are controlled by the ECU.

The turbine nozzle/AR ratio has been optimized to set a good balance between the exhaust gas impingement  and the fuel maps from the ECU.


Air Inlet Manifold

MPT’s unique design allows the incoming air from the air filter to pass directly through the centre tunnel, while the compressed air from the turbo aftercooler runs around the tunnel itself and into the engine.

Air Inlet Manifold.jpg

Heat Exchanger

Large volume heat exchanger, with twin 92 cupronickel tube core packs, giving a total cooling core length of 80 cm. This system provides more than adequate cooling for the engine while saving both space and avoiding plumbing issues.

Heat Exchanger.jpg

Bell Housing

Cast aluminium bell housing acts as the interface with the MPT 6600 to the Mercruiser Bravo stern drive units.

Other housing options available on request.

Bell housing.jpg

Various Parts

The aluminium alternator bracket and power steering bracket  both have water galleries cast within them to reduce the physical size of the engine and reduce maintenance requirements.

Various Parts.jpg

Core Blown Tooling

MPT uses core blown tools to produce certain components such as the turbo charger and exhaust manifold system. This process is necessary as these components are all water cooled and consequently they have multiple internal layers which would be impractical to cast using other techniques.
The advantages to core blown tools are that they are easily duplicated and repaired if damaged. They also have a long lifespan and can produce many thousands of parts.

Core Blown AB.jpg

Rotary Machining Jigs

MPT uses machining jigs that rotate on centres to give full use of the fourth axis. These jigs can also roll completely over for back-face machining.

Rotary Machining Jigs.jpg

6600M ECU

Made by our sister company: Powertrain Controls Ltd

The 6600M integrates all of the Engine Control and Power Distribution functionality required for the Duramax 6600 Marine Engine. An advanced marine targeted Engine Control Unit (ECU), Cold Start/Glow Plug Controller and Power Distribution Module (PDM) have been combined into one compact solid-state module. The 6600M is designed to enhance the compact, ultra-reliable, feature-rich, ‘plug and play’ philosophy behind the Duramax 6600 engine.

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Intellectual Property

MPT has obtained a New Zealand, United States and Canadian patent for its innovation, with additional patents for 10 counties within Europe granted. This offers full protection to any purchaser over the design, as well as the application of the design to the Duramax® 6.6 litre diesel. All of the molds and machining tools are available for early commencement of production for thousands of engines. This provides first mover advantage to any manufacturer entering this market, particularly with a disruptive step-change design that is substantially superior to any competitor product in the market.

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